I have a full, joyful heart today as I write this, and I felt inspired to share with you.

Usually as a year winds to a close, there is such an emphasis on what the NEW year will bring. We are already feeling the excitement and are gearing up to ride these winds of change in the air.

In a healing and coaching session yesterday, my client and I were discussing this whole concept that, for most of us, most of the time, our glass is not half full and half empty. It is really 80, 90 or 95% full!

The tendency even with well-meaning New Year’s Resolutions is to focus on what is missing in your life. There is often an energy of need, impatience, judgment (Why am I taking so long to make that happen and “get there”?)…

The Real Truth is:
You are already (t)here.
THIS is it.
This is your life!

Happiness is not a destination.

It does not magically appear WHEN you have lost that 30 pounds, found your perfect mate, bought your perfect home (or made your home or mate more perfect!).

In fact, you are much more likely to successfully manifest your desires when you are already happy! Get happy FIRST.

And you already have a wonderful cake of life.
You don’t have to wait for the icing to be happy.

Being truly, heARTfully grateful (great! full!) for what already IS, what was and even for the further blessings on the way is the best way to manifest more of what we want in our lives, and also the best way to slow down, be here now (Be. Hear. Now. AAMichael is reminding us)

So what I suggest is a different way to enJOY this last day of the year, to really savor and treasure the blessings and blissings we have already experienced.

To truly view our year that is winding down in a joyous, sacred manner so we can indeed renew ourselves and set forth tomorrow from a full, satisfied, jubilant place deep within our hearts and souls. Join me?

So here are a couple of great ways to conclude this year that will fill your heart and deLIGHT your spirit!

1-  Do Gratitude Meditation & Journaling.

Take some time, whether 5 minutes or 50, to sit and reflect on all that you are thankful for about 2011. You can place your hands over your heart chakra, palms down, or in the “Namaste” prayer pose. This deepens you into your precious heartspace and helps you bridge Heaven and Earth through the gateway of the heart.

Just allow yourself to breathe consciously, mindfully, heartfully…

And notice what images, words, emotions and sensations flow to you and through you.

Good. Now write about this… You may use this template so enrich your experience. Record with a full heart all you are thankful for regarding:

* Your health and body
* Your relationships
* Your home
* Your pets
* Your business/work/prosperity
* Your travels and adventures
* Your creativity
* Your community
* Your cultural experiences
(music, theater, festivals, art, movies, dance, etc.)
* Your spirituality
* Nature, the beautiful world
* Anything else that makes your heart sing!

Another new way to do Gratitude Journaling is to give thanks for Past, Present, and Future.

Since this is a New Year exercise, let’s do it this way: You can write about all the things you are thankful for as above from this past year, write about what IS right here, right now that you are appreciating in this very moment, and then write about all the wonderful pleasures and treasures the Universe (YOUniverse!) is bringing you in this coming year!

This is an awesome Law of Attraction practice. For example, looking at my forthcoming 2012, I write and thank about our summer Yosemite trip, our favorite music festival (the Celtic Fest in Grass Valley, CA, that we go to each year), special, cozy times at home with my husband and children and dog, financial and creative success with my new blog, new Prosperous Goddess Mastermind group helping dozens of women worldwide with their life purpose, abundance and spiritual awakening, and so on…

2-Take a Visual Gratitude Romp.

Another great way to really soak in all the joys from this passing year is to review your photos and videos. You can do this with family, friends or solo. You may want to create a photo album, digitally or the old-fashioned way (remember those?).

Or just keep it simple and look at some pictures without a need to collect or categorize them, just being in the moment.

You will be surprised; you probably had a lot more fun than you remembered having until you did this!

Here are some of my Visual Gratitude Romp pix from 2011.

My 3 guys bouldering in Yosemite summer 2011

Sky catching snowflakes June 2, 2011 Yosemite Glacier Point (an unexpected snowstorm in June!)

Me and my sister, Risa, on cruise May 2011-In the Bahamas, on the largest cruise ship in the world

Me and my sweet Twin Flame hubby in Yosemite (our favorite place)

We brought our dog, Maka, in to Sky's class when he was Star Student

Our older son, Forest, getting his FIRST guitar! (For Hanukkah/Xmas) Rock on!

This is a never-before published photo of the angel that appeared in my Healing Room on August 8th at the end of a healing session with my client, Daisy! Wow!

I will be putting many more on my Facebook page this weekend so if we are Facebook friends, you can see my album there also.










Have a grateful & graceful last day of 2011!
And happy new year!

Love and Blissings,

Intuitive Abundance Coach, SAGE

Archangel Michael

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