“What lies behind us

and what lies before us

are tiny matters

compared to what lies within us.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

We all do it.

Reflect on the past year’s successes as well as struggles, review how far we’ve come, and where we’d still like to be. Set new goals.

Begin the new year with the best of intentions, inspired and “on fire”d.

Ready to really do it this time: Build wealth. Improve health.
Have more quality time. Reduce stress and mess.
Lose the weight. Find the mate.

Create. Relate. Meditate.

And yet…why is it that so few of our New Year’s Resolutions really stick?

Why do 80% of dieters gain back all the pounds they lost (if any) and even more….within a year? Why do 73% of new health club/gym memberships go unused by the spring? Why do most of us slip back into old patterns, in love, in work, in life, despite our best intentions each January?

Why, oh why, does willpower become….won’t power?

Do we need to give up on the whole resolutions concept?


Is there a better way to set our intentions for the new year so we can really succeed more easily? (Yes, there IS!)

And I’m excited to share it with you!

My clients have been getting excellent results applying these mind-body-spirit principles and experiencing the deep healing that aligns them with their intention. And I’m noticing that, due to the current paradigm shift, everything is happening more quickly.

Archangel Michael calls this “the quickening.” In our work together, he and I are seeing that huge positive transformation that used to take people 6 months to 2 years is now happening in a fraction of that time! Using these methods…

Read on to discover EXACTLY how you can get – and stay – on track and really create your best life in 2012.

Right at the edge of a new day

Why Regular “Resolutions” Don’t Work

The various disciplines have explanations for this. As you read this, consider how this applies to you and how you can apply the tips to your life so you get much better results THIS new year!

Psychology will tell you, this losing steam thing is just human nature. There are several factors behind this (in bold). Solutions will be in BLUE.

People start out strong then lose momentum and interest. We get distracted and let the little things of life get in the way. We confuse what appears to be urgent (in our face) with what is really important (quality time with those we love, making a difference, creativity, Spirit).

Also, most people fail to line up enough encouraging support and either try to go it alone or share their intentions with people who actually step on their dreams or sabotage their efforts…

Life coaches, including myself, will tell you that people also often set unrealistic goals that are either too big, vague, overwhelming or generalized (therefore not implementable) or too small (not stretching enough out of the comfort zone to create true change).

Many people also tend to overcommit and overextend themselves then give up when the going gets tough due to lack of a clear plan, accountability or support.

There is also a tendency to keep thinking within our own “four walls,” when we need to get outside the box and be more innovative.

Then there is the lack of clarity.

What do you really, really, I mean REALLY want, exactly?

All of these are excellent reasons why EVERYONE needs a great life coach and a mastermind group of positive, supportive like-minded, heart-centered, kindred spirits.

Scientists will tell you that the universal principle of entropy will always cause any system to regress to greater disorder if left alone.

I clearly see this in my living room. LOL My two young boys MAY have something to do with that…. (Can we blame the dog? LOL)

There is also the principle of inertia that tends to keep things moving in the direction they’ve been moving.

And we know now, from all the latest mind-body research, that it takes 30 to 90 days of implementing the positive new choice to successfully change a habit. Consistency is crucial. Structure and accountability, mentoring and community facilitate this consistency.

These are valid points that help explain the problem, this human tendency to fall off track, no matter how much we want to improve our lives. But these explanations still miss something essential…

The two crucial secret KEYS TO SUCCESS…

(Yes, Virginia, there is hope! Read on, brave, gentle reader…)

Here’s the most important thing to know:
The most powerful part of you cannot be just told, “This is what I’m doing from now on, and that’s that. I’m DONE with that old pattern.”

In fact, this may only activate your Inner Rebel and backfire! You have an inner Obstacle Squad that will keep getting in your way…
Until you enlist these parts of you to join your Dream Team.

Turning Your Obstacle Squad into Your Dream Team

The First Key:
Mastering Your Subconscious Mind

Hypnotherapists like myself will tell you that it is our unconscious beliefs below the surface of our awareness that have the most power to govern our behavior.

Quantum physics, cellular biology and cutting edge mind-body medicine concur and conclude that everything is energy, our thoughts are also energy, everything is connected to everything else in a unified field of consciousness. In a matrix of energy and Light.

Our subconscious thoughts and beliefs are our dominant thoughts which hold the most power to change our experiences, both inner and outer.

This is why we can be saying, for example, “I am prosperous!” affirmations until we are blue in the face, yet still not have enough green in the bank!

Thus, until we really line up our positive intentions and goals on the INSIDE, the change on the OUTSIDE, in our lives, will keep slipping away as the old pattern resurfaces over and over.

As Archangel Michael tells us:
Prosperity consciousness is an inside job!

The mind is like an iceberg. If the 5% (conscious mind) that is visible is trying to move South, but the 95% (subconscious mind) below the surface of the water is moving North, which way is that iceberg moving? You got it. North.

We absolutely must enlist the subconscious parts of ourselves as allies in our new way of living our lives, or we will just keep encountering resistance and self-sabotage. How can we do this?

We Need “Re-Solutions” Instead

Albert Einstein said:

“The solution to a problem always comes at a level

outside that at which the problem was created.”

We have to go deeper than just make lists or state goals.

Many people now have a basic understanding that the outer reflects the inner, and are using Law of Attraction techniques such as affirmations, visualization, intention-setting and vision boards. This is a step in the right direction, yet, still, even doing these practices may not be enough.

Or they are not done right. All our intentional manifesting work needs to be imbued with and evoke strong emotion, energy, juice. And kNOWingness. (My students and clients learn how to take these LoA practices to a whole new level so they can go through their Golden Portal into their dream life.)

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Secondary Gain

We also have to understand the benefit we have been getting out of doing things the old way, then replace this “secondary gain” with a healthier, more sustainable and satisfying way to fulfill that hidden need.

In other words, solve an old problem a new way, by finding a new solution.

For example, if we are stuck trying to lose weight, we need to learn why the weight is there, what it is doing for us – on a subconscious level. Is it helping us feel safe or protecting us from unwanted sexual attention? Does it make us feel more powerful or visible?

Is it a way to say to the world, “I deserve to take up this space”? Is overeating a way to connect with our body and ground or experience sensory pleasure? Are we trying to fill a hole in our heart or soul with food?

If we have been single for many years, and we tell ourselves consciously that we want to find love, is there an unconscious program getting in the way of intimacy because some part believes we will lose our freedom if we are in a committed relationship?

If we have been financially struggling, or staying stuck in a Golden-Handcuffs soul-sapping j-o-b, what is getting in the way of our

The “Biggies” = B.S.

Archangel Michael has identified 8 “Biggie” negative, limiting beliefs
(he jokingly calls them B.S. = Beliefs to Shift! LOL).

With Michael’s loving guidance, my clients and students explore and reprogram these crucial subconscious beliefs that were blocking their abundance, happiness and true prosperity in my Prosperous Goddess Mastermind program and private sessions.

You can attend (or listen to the recording of) the first class for free:

In addition to this subconscious block-busting and reprogramming, we need to find positive ways to fill those needs instead such as exercise more, heal sexual and intimacy issues, take up a martial art, do art to express hidden grief or rage, stretch and breathe more, enjoy aromatherapy, do body-centered meditation, get energy and soul healing, get training in conscious relationship and prosperity magnetization.

Infinite possibilities. Which are right for YOU, right now?

Sometimes our conscious mind may not have positive alternative choices handy, or there can be so many choices, it feels overwhelming.

So it can be extremely helpful to ask the creative, deep wisdom mind part of you (your Highest Self) to provide the best new solutions. Or if you are feeling too stuck or spinning, an intuitive reading can reveal these reSOULutions, and intuitive training and coaching can assist you in being more consistently able to access your own soul’s wisdom.

In hypnotherapy and Omnidimensional HealingTM, you are supported to access your own wisdom and Highest Truth via a relaxed guided journey. The session is recorded so you hear everything that was said and can refer to it later for reinforcement, to bolster your inner motivation and keep you on track. (You do not need to be physically present. Many of the most powerful Omni Healings are done with clients across the globe.)

Another option is to ascertain some self-understanding through meditation, journaling, dreamwork or speaking with people who love us – wise advisors who can help us see ourselves correctly by holding up the mirror of honest intimate relationship.

Yet, often times, we need more support than this, particularly if the issue we have been grappling with has been a problem for many years.

Omnidimensional Healing integrates hypnotherapy with soul and energy healing, past-life healing, and intuitive channeling of your Highest Truths, so  you create positive change more quickly than you could ever do on your own.

However you create it, lasting change needs to be created from the inside out, because your “Obstacle Squad” needs to become part of your “Dream Team” so that you become totally aligned with your best vision for your life.

This way, your new choices will be installed more deeply, you are internally lined up with them on all levels: Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. No more struggling. No more willpower becoming won’t power.

You CAN get totally clear, then set your intentions, get the soul, self-love, energy and subconscious healing you need, then move into action more quickly and easily, so your success lasts and continues to grow.

Your life just keeps getting better and better, every day, the easy way.

You Don’t Just Need Resolutions,
You Need ReSOULutions!

The Second Key:
Following Your Soul’s Deepest Call, Fulfilling Your Purpose

Another reason people usually fail with their resolutions is that they are not actually aiming for a life change that truly suits them.

They are essentially moving forward (or trying to) in the wrong direction.

If you are trying to change a habit, get a promotion or change careers, buy a new home, improve a relationship, etc. because you feel this is what you SHOULD be doing at this stage in your life, but deep-down, you don’t really want this change, or you are unclear about the details, if you are not PASSIONATE and ON PURPOSE about it, it is not right for you.

Through prayer, meditation, ceremony, inspirational and spiritual reading and activities, and intuitive development, we can gain a clearer vision for our best life and truly connect with and fulfill our destiny.

We all came here to learn certain lessons, and we have unique gifts to share with the world. It amazes me over and over when I see that as soon as my clients totally “get” who they really are, everything else they want to “get” just flows toward them.

We think we will be happy when we……….(fill in the blank, have more money, find lasting love, etc.) but the truth is we need to find the inner happiness first.

Outer success follows inner happiness, not the other way around.

As the Dalai Lama has said,
“Inner peace is the ultimate source of happiness.”

By first BEing who we really are, then DOing what we came here to do, we will find it becomes easy to HAVE what we desire to have.

Do you remember who you really ARE?

Most people stumble and bumble along their entire lives without really understanding who they are and what they came here to “be when they grow up.” I specialize in helping women in midlife really align with their true purpose and create a joyous life of health, wealth, creativity, Spirit and happiness that is a reflection of their true self.

Nearly all my clients share this lament when they first come to me:
“I cannot believe that, at this age, I am still trying to figure out who I AM.
I have done many things successfully (kids, home, marriage, etc.) but I feel like now it’s time for ME. To live the life I came here to live, not just supporting others and their dreams. I want to live my own dream.
I just don’t know what it is yet or how to get there.”

Action! Applying These Truths

How can you deepen your resolutions this year into re-solutions and reSOULutions?

What do you commit to doing differently this year so you create change from the inside out?

Do you need to reprogram those limiting beliefs with healing, hypnotherapy or Omnidimensional Healing?

Get intuitive training or a reading for clarity on your purpose and mission?

Step outside your “box”?

Do some intuitive journaling with your own Highest Self, angels and guides?

Participate in a positive, empowering mastermind group with like-spirited others? (such as the Prosperous Goddess Mastermind)

Work with a supportive, wise (and occasionally, lovingly “butt-kickin'”) coach who will help you get clear and in gear?

Make a commitment to your Self, to Spirit and to Service that feels right to YOU so you go deeper, higher and truly prosper, thrive and shine this year!

I welcome your breakthroughs, comments and your own sage wisdom below…

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Happy New Year!

Happy New, True YOU!

From my heart to yours,

Intuitive Abundance Coach & Omnidimensional Healer
and Archangel Michael Channel,
Sage “The Prosperous Goddess”

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