Let Every Day Be Thanksgiving! 5 Reasons to Cultivate Gratitude as a Life Practice

see the beauty in everyday things
Make me sweet again

fragrant and fresh and wild

and thankful for any small event.

– Rumi

This month many of us come together with loved ones and devote our awareness for a few hours to thankfulness. Perhaps your family, like mine, joins hands and takes turns sharing what each one is grateful for, today and over the past year. And whether you have a formal or informal practice of expressing gratitude at your Thanksgiving table, I’m sure you feel the energy of gratitude throughout your celebration.

But why do we reserve a mere one day a year for this?

I propose we make every day a day of giving thanks.

Let’s make GRATITUDE a way of LIFE!

Oh, we don’t have to stuff ourselves with stuffing and gobble down turkey or vegetarian delectables… Somehow I think the original intention of the holiday, gratitude for the Earth’s bounty, for peaceful, harmonious coexistence, for life itself, has gotten lost in all the gluttony and football games.

Let’s remember the true spirit of Thanksgiving, not only on the holiday, but throughout our lives.

To be full of greatness, we must be grateful.

We must laugh and

We must sing.

We are blest by everything.

Everything we look upon is blest.

– William Butler Yeats

picnic date with nature

So why should we practice gratitude more often? Here are 5 good reasons and the amazing benefits of the Gratitude Attitude:

1. You will feel happier.

When we focus on how full our cups already are, we experience life in a much more positive way. Most of us do not have cups that are half full, half empty, as the saying goes. Our cups are 90% full!

Look around you. Look within you. How full is your cup?

The Universe is showering blessings upon you each and every day, each and every moment, and we can choose to see and appreciate these gifts or remain unconscious, cranky and unfulfilled. Enough kvetching already!

Do you want to be (more) happy? Present? Peaceful? Satisfied and even joyful?

Gratitude is the fastest, most effective way to increase your sense of joy about the life you are already living.

2. Gratitude facilitates more harmony in relationships.

Expressing gratitude and appreciation to the people in our lives, of course in a sincere way, from the heart, improves our relationships. As a relationship coach, I have seen that the simple practice of focusing on the positive and expressing true appreciation can dramatically improve marriages, friendships and even work relationships.

This doesn’t mean you have to “suck it up” and put up with being disrespected or abused. If your relationship brings you more pain than joy, you will need in-depth counseling and much more than just a “focus on the positive” band-aid. (And sometimes we need to take some space or a “break” from a relationship to allow ourselves to heal and not feel so triggered, even get in-depth healing to address underlying causes whether they are past-life, ancestral, childhood, etc.)

But for most generally healthy relationships, sprinkling more: “Thank you so much for doing that!”s and “I really appreciate…”s, expressing the love in your heart can do wonders.

Many of us take so much for granted, particularly from the people we love the most. Everyone needs to feel seen, heard and valued and this enhances intimacy and emotional safety, bringing you closer.

My husband and I were recently featured in a wonderful book called A Golden Love, as an example couple living a relationship of extraordinary harmony. In part this is due to the fact that I with the life partner who truly is right for me (I love helping people manifesting their Divine Right Mate as I have!) but in part it is due to the fact that we NURTURE our relationship so it is truly an elation-ship, a vehicle for happiness, individually and as a partnership and family. We give thanks to God/Universe every single day for the gift of our love, we give thanks to one another often.

Gratitude is essential and makes all the difference. (Below is a photo of us many years ago, doing a tantric heart meditation together…)


3. God/The Universe will bestow more blessings upon you.

I don’t claim to be in charge of the Universe, but it is a universal spiritual law that the more thankful we are, the more blessings we receive!

It’s as if remembering to say “Thank you!” opens the faucet of life’s blessings. I truly have noticed that when we live more gratefully, not only are we more aware of what is already present; there is also an actual increase in things to be thankful FOR.

What you think about, and thank about, you bring about. – Dr. John Demartini

Perhaps our Creator appreciates being appreciated, just as we do, and is more inclined to give more of the good stuff to us when we really appreciate what we get. As Neal Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God, says, the correct prayer is one of gratitude.

There is an old Jewish proverb that goes like this. Two men, equally poor (or equally rich, depending on your perspective) meet in the village. The first man says, “So how is it going with you?”

The second man replies, “Oy! Life is terrible. My wife is sick, my cow won’t give milk, and business is lousy.”

God, hearing his response, thinks “Why you ingrate! I just gave you a new house, healed your ulcer, and found the best husband for your daughter. So you think things are bad now? I’ll give you something to complain about!”

Finally, the second man stops his kvetching and asks the other fellow, “What about you?”

“Well, I tell you, life is so good.  We fixed the leak in my pipes so now my house is dry again. I had a nice Sabbath with my wife and children, a humble meal, but we are together. My horse, well, his leg is still broken but he’s such a good friend to me, and I know business will pick up soon,” his neighbor replies.

God smiles and thinks, “So you think things are good now? I’ll give you something to be thankful for!”

So whether you think of the source of blessings as God, the Universe, or your own intention, gratitude is an essential key to loving your life, and it opens the door to greater and greater blessings, creating a positive spiral that continues to build.

Here is a wonderful message I channeled for you from Archangel Michael:

Archangel Michael

G O D =   Gratitude Opening Doors!


As William Blake said, “The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.”

So open the doors, open the faucets, open your heart and your hands and give thanks, give thanks, and give thanks even more. And you will have so much for to give thanks for!

4. You will also receive more of what you want from the people in your life.

Of course, this applies on the human level as well as the spiritual level.

Have you ever had a friend of family member that you gave gifts to, but who never remembered to thank you? Didn’t you feel after a while, “Hey, why should I bother giving them anything? They never even appreciate it.” And after a while, you feel resentful and stop giving them gifts, am I right? I thought so. This is totally natural.

Therefore, when we appreciate what we receive, whether tangible or intangible, from others, we actually receive more because we are more give-to-able. We receive with an open heart and open hands, with a smile. People love to give, and there is a great gift in being a giver, but only when we sense that the gift is truly received and appreciated.

It’s important to receive graciously, compliments and favors as well as physical presents.

How well you receive compliments symbolizes how well you receive love.

Practice being a wide receiver. – Alan Cohen

If you tend to inwardly doubt or “Yeah, but…” when people praise you, you have some deep self-love work to do. If you’ve been a “giveaholic” and have a hard time with boundaries, if you sometimes doubt your own worthiness, or if you feel disconnected from your joy & inner peace, I suggest you deepen your self-love and ability to RECEIVE and enJOY your life with the NEW Radiant Radical Self-Love Immersion – A POWERFUL yet PLAYFUL pathway to unconditional self-love and creating the life of your dreams, from the inside out! (The course also makes a wonderful holiday gift for someone you love who needs to love themselves and their lives more.)

This self-love course took me 14 years to create and has been called “My manual for a happy life” and “The best self-help book and program EVER!”

If you happen to be seeing this while a promotion is in effect, for example right now at Thanksgiving Weekend through “Cyber Monday”, it’s 25% off instantly, you will save on the tuition, which is already quite affordable for such a life-changing program.


Go here to find out more about The Radiant Radical Self-Love Immersion:
http://radiantradicalselflove.com/ NOW 25% OFF THROUGH MONDAY

5. It’s just plain polite to be thankful.

Courtesy. Etiquette. Manners.
It’s the right thing to do.

It also sets a good example for others, of all ages.
‘Nuf said.

So join me this month and always in cocreating a more positive life experience for yourself and our world – by making every day thanks-giving!

If this piece inspired you in some way, or you have your own gratitude stories to share, please comment below.

You can also share this on your social media pages, and sign up for the RSS feed for my blog.

THANK YOU for reading my blog today!

Blessings & blissings to you!



Beauty is simply reality seen with the eyes of love. – Evelyn Underhill

This article was excerpted largely from The Radical Self-Love Guidebook (formerly Workbook),
copyright 2008-2014

By Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard


Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, CHT, RM, known as the The Prosperous Goddessis a 6-figure Abundance Acceleration & Business Coach, award-winning Law of Attraction expert, and highly gifted Archangel Michael Channel & Emissary. A #1 best-selling author, Sage manifested her Twin Flame soulmate, now husband of 18 years, using the techniques she teaches. Sage uniquely integrates intuitive aura & chakra readings with Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) healing & Spirit-guided coaching to help her clients manifest the Love, Joy & Abundance they desire. Sage is a Reiki Master Teacher, Money Reiki Master, hypnotherapist, author, speaker and dynamic catalyst. Sage passionately empowers you to connect with your angels, PROSPER, THRIVE & SHINE! www.AngelicAbundanceActivator.com/freegifts.html

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36 thoughts on “Let Every Day Be Thanksgiving! 5 Reasons to Cultivate Gratitude as a Life Practice

    • Sage says:

      Thank you, Vera, for your lovely comment! My pleasure. I am so glad to share with you. Have a wonderful holiday season! I will stay in touch via email and Facebook (if we are connected there). Bless you!


    • Sage says:

      Isn’t it true, Lucero? It’s like focusing on what we have helps us enJOY it more in this moment and also helps open the faucet for more blessings to flow toward us. Amazing Universe! Love and hugs to you and thanks for commenting here, sweetie! xoxoxo


  1. Amy says:

    Thank you, Sage! I completely agree with you that every day is a day to give thanks! There is so much abundance in our lives, we only have to be willing to recognize it! I admit, at times I can be super focused on what is not working out and truly lose out on the goodness and miracles happening every single day! I am truly thankful that our paths have crossed! YOU are a joy and a blessing in my life! Namaste’ {{{ ❤ }}}



  2. Maria says:

    Thank you for your beautiful message. Although I’m thankful most of the time – this has made me realise to give thanks all the time. To appreciate everything I have as there are other people worse off. Thank you Sage and Thank You God/Universe for inspiring Sage.

    Kind regards, Maria


    • Sage says:

      Thank you so much, Maria! I am sending you gratitude and I can sense your loving open heart. What a beautiful person you are! Love and Blessings & Blissings from Sage xoxoxo


    • Sage says:

      Thanks so much, Dianna! Sorry it took me so long to respond.
      My blog was lost in space for a while and my hubby just
      got it out of WP password jail. LOL Thank you for your appreciation
      and for putting a sparkle in my eye with your words too.
      Have a happy Easter! Much love, Sage
      PS Are you getting my emails? I send lots of inspiration
      and invitations to teleclasses and channelings to my tribe that way…
      Let me know if you’d like me to add you. Blessings!


  3. Dr Supriya Roy, medical healer, Mumbai, India says:

    GOD…..Gratitude Opens Doors…..I just love this….thank you Sage……we are all blessed every moment!


    • Sage says:

      Thank you beautiful Dr. Supriya!
      God is opening doors indeed, with gratitude!
      I am sending love and blissings to you and your family in Mumbai! 🙂


  4. Samantha Sanchez says:

    This is an abSoulute truth, have been making even more gratitude every day. One day a few days back a very good friend asked me to look at something and they saw it totally empty, I saw it full of possibilities. I guess now I just see everything with different eyes and hear it differently, even more than I usually do. I, as you are aware, have a major amount of medical issues in my family, have chosen to face them with a smile, a song, a brighter tunnel at the end, and pass these lessons to my girls as well as to my friends with whom I am making more of. Which I am even more grateful for as I was in a quiet world, asked for and I received. It was my time, many changes especially since my Reiki Master training. I am a person who believes in paying it forward. Blessings aplenty. Thank you


    • Sage says:

      Thank you so much, Samantha!
      I love you a lot and am so honored to be your Reiki Master teacher and soul sister too. Health and blessings to you and your girls!
      Love, Sage


  5. Chantel says:

    Thank you Sage for all that you do. I really appreciate the messages that you deliver from Archangel Michael as well. And your emails often serve as a gentle reminder of the things that most need my attention and what really matters.

    Sometimes we get so caught up in picking at the littlest things we miss the bigger picture. Like if you ask your husband to pick up some Honey Nut Cheerios and he comes back with Honey Nut Toastee Circles or even a completely different item, it’s important to thank him for even going to the super market and just getting something because that’s a whole lot better than nothing.

    I really appreciate my husband and our precious little girl. They are the greatest things to come into my life and I’m so happy SO very happy and thankful for my two wonderfully life-changing pea pods of love.


    • Sage says:

      Awww, thank you so much, sweet Chantel!
      That is such a lovely appreciative note.
      It touches my heart to know that I touch yours.
      So true about the little appreciations
      meaning so much.
      And aren’t we so blessed!?
      Much love always, Sage xoxoxo
      PS Feel free to tell your friends about the article and blog! 🙂


  6. Daniel John Hanneman says:

    Hi Sage,

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 Goggle Goggle – enjoy an the appreciation of your awesomeness!!! Love the photo of you and Marc… gratitude is such a vital force of life – thanks and much appreciation…

    Much Love,



  7. kmrandall64 says:

    Reblogged this on kmrandall64 and commented:
    I thought this was a beautiful article and since gratitude is something I practice each and every day I can attest to it’s truth. I hope this article will fill you with gratitude and encourage you to write down 5 to 10 things each day you are grateful for. Don’t just rewrite the same 5 or 10 things though because in truth we have countless things to be grateful for but unfortunately that’s not where most people focus their attention.


    • Sage says:

      Thank you so much for your appreciative comments – I am thankful for this. I am also grateful to you for reblogging! Have a very blessed day and bright blessings to you! Love & Light always, from Sage 🙂


  8. Valerie Kells says:

    Thank you Sage. I love the idea that GOD = Gratitude Opening Doors! And from Relationship to Elationship. I love the play on words that helps to light up my heart! I am grateful for laughter that my son and my husband can really make me laugh and I can make them laugh. I am grateful that I have a lovely warm house to live in a lovely warm bed to sleep in and always having plenty to eat. I love my coat with a hood that keeps me so warm I am so grateful that I got it for a bargain price as well!


    • Sage says:

      There is always so much to be grateful great full for, sweet Valerie! Thanks for visiting here and posting. I love your gratitudes and your sparkly shiny HEART! Love, Sage xoxoxo


  9. Shenaz says:

    Thank you Sage. I thank God that you are in my life reminding me every time how blessed I am. God is so kind and generous to me. I have to remember this always. Thank you for being you.


    • Sage says:

      What a lovely appreciative note, Shenaz! Thank you so much! This warms my heart more than I can say.
      I am so glad I am serving to inspire you and help you remember the blessings.
      God wants you to know too to remember that you are DESERVING of every good thing.
      Much love to you this holiday season and for a fantastic new year too!
      Did you see that we are having a FREE Magical Manifestation Party on New Year’s Day?
      It starts at 2 pm, is open to all and we will hear directly from Archangel Michael
      about the meaning of 2017 and how to open the floodgates of love, wealth, joy,
      and help to create peace, on Earth and in our own hearts too.
      I hope you can join us! Send me your email address so I can add you to the list.
      Mine is sage@loveandspirit.org. Your friends & anyone reading this can join the fun too.
      It will be healing, uplifting and a perfect way to start our new year our right & Light!
      Love and hugs from Sage


  10. jobifsite says:

    Gratitude to God is for the Health,Happiness and Harmony in my Life.
    Grateful to God for his Love,Grace and Mercy.
    Glory to God for a lovely a parent,beautiful family and a successful carreer.
    God is Love,Jesus is Life,Man is the Manisfestation of God&Jesus.
    Peaceful & Blessed regards,


    • Sage says:

      Have a wonderful Christmas!
      Thanks for visiting my blog, commenting
      and sharing your gratitude and joy.
      We are very blessed indeed!
      Did you see that we are having a FREE Magical Manifestation Party on New Year’s Day?
      It starts at 2 pm Pacific, is open to all and we will hear directly from Archangel Michael
      about the meaning of 2017 and how to open the floodgates to receive,
      create and share and enjoy greater love, wealth, joy,
      and peace, on Earth and in our own hearts too.
      I hope you can join us! Send me your email address so I can add you to the list.
      Mine is sage@loveandspirit.org. Your friends & anyone reading this can join the fun too.
      It will be healing, uplifting and a perfect way to start our new year our right & Light!
      Have a wonderful Christmas & a fantastic new year too!
      Love and blessings from Sage


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