Touched By an Angel: Restore Your Faith with Photos of a Real Angel


As you may know, I have been in service as a spiritual counselor, intuitive, Reiki energy and shamanic soul healer, hypnotherapist, transformational life coach and recently an angel channel for 17 years, ever since a series of Near Death Experiences, an angel encounter and a shamanic initiation opened my Third Eye and gifted me with a divine connection unknown by most human beings.
In fact, yesterday and today mark the very days that I went through a huge portal and experienced a profound spiritual awakening. (I call this my “Shamanniversary!” and commemorate it each year with special prayer and gratitude.)
Yet even with all the amazing mystical experiences I have been having throughout my life, I have to say that what happened last night awed even me, and I feel guided to share it with the world and not just keep it to myself or my closest circle. I am certain it is no coincidence that this miracle took place on my Shamanniversary! And I give thanks infinitely for this treasure! What a way to celebrate my anniversary as a spiritual healer and teacher!
I feel that the world can be blessed by this miracle so here it is:


Last night, about 7:30 p.m., just after a healing session in which my client (Daisy) experienced profound shifts, including many amazing recalibrations, concluding with an angel opening her Third Eye with a wing feather, Daisy and I were discussing the healing as I normally do with clients.

Suddenly we both noticed that on the closet door in my Healing Room
there was the image and shape of an angel!

The angel as she first appeared

You can get a sense for the SIZE of this angel because, at the very bottom of the photo to the left, there is a darker circle, which is the slider for the closet door. That is 3 inches in diameter, so the angel herself was about 2 feet in height!


The wings were clearly defined as was the head. The angel appeared to be feminine to both of us and had a glowing heart in the center of her chest as that area was the brightest with white divine Light. ~

The most amazing thing of all is that there was also a beautiful rainbow glow from the heart up to the head, especially around the heart and throat of the angel (4th and 5th chakras). You can see the rainbow in this close-up.
Angel with glowing rainbow from her heart to her head (crown chakra)

Angel with glowing rainbow from her heart to her head (crown chakra)

We were amazed, gave thanks, and I ran out of the room to get my cell phone camera. Thank Heaven, I had JUST been guided to clear some room on it the night before. It had been full with no room for more pictures, for over a week! Coincidence?!
By the way, the other lights in the picture along the side and bottom (circular and a long bar or stripe horizontally) were caused by the physical light from outside coming through the blinds of the window.
There was absolutely nothing that could have been physically causing this angel to be projected onto my closet door. I even moved the blinds of the window to see if it would change the shape of the angel, yet the angel was still there.

The angel also appeared to change subtly as we watched, with the legs being visible part of the time, other times we saw more of a gauzy white long robe.

Most of the time she seemed to me to be female, but there were a few moments when I felt a more male, Christlike energy, such as in this picture, in which the angel’s head is bent down more. You can also clearly see the legs of the angel in this picture.
We gratefully and astoundedly continued to be in awe as this angel stayed visible for a long time, about 7 to 10 minutes, fading out gradually. During this time, we received healing.
While the angel was still visible, I also asked Daisy to take divine dictation and see what message the angel had for her, while I did the same. (I always empower my clients to not just rely on me to receive and perceive Spirit for them, but to also exercise and trust their own intuitive abilities more and more.)
Daisy’s message was of a personal nature and
consisted of encouragement for her as a healer
so she may confidently fulfill her life purpose.
It was a great blessing for her.
I received 2 messages. The first one, I share here:
Ariel’s Message of Love
“I am Ariel, the angel of Love, Compassion, Healing, Children & Animals.
“I am here to be of service to humankind and
all the creatures and plants, all the living things of the Earth.
“Call on me when you feel afraid, lost or alone;
when you need a loving and gentle hand to comfort you,
soothe your brow, carry your worries away and
reassure you that all is indeed well.”
I prayed to Ariel to watch over my own children, and also all my nieces and nephews (including one on the way! and one wee baby 8 months old), my family, friends, clients, students, and pets.
The 2nd message, which is astounding and relates to the crossroads between life and death, allow me to just say that I will share with spiritual seekers in a more selective manner.  I am told I will be presenting it later, most likely with my students and clients, and/or in a book of channelings I AM currently compiling.


Not Just One Angel! And Not Just One Message…
I was told minutes after the visitation that this was not just ONE angel
but actually a BAND of angels including Ariel, Michael,
Gabriel, Uriel, Ezekiel, Pluthiel, John, Azriel, Hadzekiel,
and others, some of whom I had never known
at the level of name or my conscious mind before.
The angels tell me too that they will continue to speak to me
and through me long after this visible visitation ends
and reheartened me to the Truth of my being an angel channel.
I am not the only such messenger on Earth at this time.
Yet each of us who is called in this sacred duty needs to do so,
without ego/Fear/attachment.
Each of us has sacred gifts that are ours and ours alone,
and it is the highest blessing to be in this Light and let it
shine forth from our hearts, hands and voices!
Each of us who has a clear channel and can speak the Truth of Love
needs to be in our power (Love) and do so, for the benefit of the world,
so you can be sure that you will be hearing more angelic messages
through me. I am so grateful to be their voice, the voice of Love.
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* * *
Another Message from the Angelic Realm
The angels tell me that part of the purpose in this visitation
and physical, measurable manifestation (proof through the photos) is to demonstrate to us, yet again, that they are REAL.
They have appeared to us many times before and shall do so
as many times as necessary for us to strengthen our faith
and truly believe, feel, understand and KNOW
that God is here with us. They tell me to tell the world:
That miracles are all around us.
That we are never alone.
That all is, was and ever shall be guided by God
and also in our very hands.
That we are God’s hands and voice
even as we are in God’s heart always.
That when we look through our hearts,
we see nothing but beauty, love, laughter and miracles.
That we all possess an infinite capacity
for compassion
That we all came here to experience and inspire
an infinite unfolding into greater and greater Truth and Joy
The Joy of knowingness,
right here,
right now.
That we are never separated from Heaven.
That our Creator loves us
and that it is time, always,
to love ourselves and one another
with open, glowing rainbow hearts
as God loves us…
With Love
– Sage

Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, CHT, RM, a.k.a. The Prosperous Goddess™, is a 6-figure Abundance Acceleration & Business Coach, award-winning Law of Attraction expert, and gifted Archangel Michael Channel & Emissary. Sage manifested her Twin Flame soulmate, now husband of 17 years, using the techniques she teaches. Sage uniquely integrates intuitive aura & chakra READINGS with Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) HEALINGS, which she founded and now certifies others in through the Higher Consciousness program, & Spirit-guided COACHING to manifest the Love, Joy & Abundance you desire. Sage is also a Reiki Master & Teacher, Money Reiki Master, hypnotherapist, shamanic healer, author, popular online speaker and a dynamic catalyst for personal & planetary transformation. Sage passionately empowers you to connect with your angels, PROSPER, THRIVE & SHINE!
Copyright Rev. “Sage” Taylor Kingsley-Goddard 2015

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3 thoughts on “Touched By an Angel: Restore Your Faith with Photos of a Real Angel

  1. Terri Lyon says:

    Just reading it gave me a warm, comforting feeling and a deep knowing that yes…this is so and always has been. Thank you for sharing with us your loving, articulate, and making us feel a part of always. Sage is an amazing, gifted person in many many ways and being intuitive she also makes us us reach for our own intuition and explore that as well. If you have never been to see or had any type of reading or information from her. Well, let’s say you are in for a Royal treatment and information. Please don’t wait she is worth her wait in gold, Tis true.
    Thanks and Many many Blessings to all.


    • Sage says:

      Thanks so much, Terri! I appreciate your kind words and recommendation so very much. And I’m glad you enjoyed this article. I hope your holidays weren’t holidaze! 🙂 Happy New Year to you, beautiful goddess!!!! Love, Sage


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