A VERY Special Channeled Message for Easter, Spring (and Anytime!)

I have a very Special Channeled Message for you today!

When this message came through,
during one of my TelAttunements,
which are divinely channeled energetic soul healings
from angels & ascended masters,
I had no idea at first who was speaking.
(Note how he qualifies that at the beginning)

Especially since I was raised Jewish and
had not channeled him before.

Wow! What a surprise and incredible blessing.

I have never before made this publicly available.
It is our gift to you today
to share this Love with you
and to bless you.

Even if you are not a Christian,
I believe you will resonate with (t)His beautiful message of Love.

As he says, it is not the messenger that matters,
it is the message.

With Abundant Love,
From My Heart to Yours,

jesus and angels


I have been known by many names and forms,

And for some of you, if I were to state my name now,

You would be honored, impressed, connect with the message

More easily….

While others would be put off by your own negative associations

Of things that have been done in my name.

The highest truth is, it is not the messenger that matters,

Not the name, nor the time nor the form.

When you go deeply within your own heart,

You find the answer to every question,

The question to every answer,

All in full circle


I am always with you

Always within you

Always around you

Always loving you

There is no place you can go where God is not

No time when you have been abandoned.

I am here to help you remember this

To Feel this

To BE this love

Breathe it into your being

Be it into your breathing

When you truly travel into the heart’s territory

You find universes within youniverses

And all is well

You suddenly understand that whatever happens in this world,

In this life, in you, around you, it is all one of two things:

It is either a form of love,

Or it is the opposite of love.

The opposite of love is truly fear.

Oh, it may have many other masks and names,

But when you scratch the surface and dig,

You will find Fear lurking there.

And when you scratch and dig beneath the Fear,

You find only Love there all along.

For Fear and all that is Not Love is simply

An opportunity for us, for you, for all beings

To choose Love.

If there were nothing but Love always around you

Revealing its true self as the stuff the cosmos is made of,

How could you find it and choose it and enJOY

The discovery, the reunion, again and again?

And when you travel and explore the inner and outer worlds,

The seen and the unseen,

Heard and unheard,

Known and unknown,

Named and unnamed,

You find you have come full circle

You have never gone anywhere

That you have not always been

And you



You are a beautiful spark of God

You are a beautiful spark of God

You are a beautiful spark of God

I love you.

Jesus the Christ

Nice Jesus picture


Channeled By Sage on January 19, 2011
And first shared with the world on Easter 2013

EPSON DSC picture

Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, CHT, RM, known as the The Prosperous Goddess™, is a 6-figure Abundance Acceleration & Business Coach, award-winning Law of Attraction expert, and highly gifted Archangel Michael Channel & Emissary. Sage manifested her Twin Flame soulmate, now husband of 17 years, using the techniques she teaches. Sage uniquely integrates intuitive aura & chakra readings with Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) healing & Spirit-guided coaching to help her clients manifest the Love, Joy & Abundance they desire. Sage is a Reiki Master Teacher, Money Reiki Master, hypnotherapist, author, speaker and dynamic catalyst. Sage passionately empowers you to connect with your angels, PROSPER, THRIVE & SHINE! http://www.AngelicAbundanceActivator.com/freegifts.html

Copyright Rev. “Sage” Taylor Kingsley-Goddard 4/20/2013


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55 thoughts on “A VERY Special Channeled Message for Easter, Spring (and Anytime!)

  1. Sage says:

    My pleasure, Georgia! I’m so glad you enjoyed this channeling. I know that God and Christ are with us all, watching over us, and that God is in our own hearts, whatever our religion or path may be. It’s ALL about Love, Love and more Love! Happy Easter and bright blessings to you!


  2. Lisa Clayton says:

    Beautiful, Sage! Thank you for sharing. I had a very interesting dream about Jesus last night and it was awesome yet so surprising as it was very real with such beautiful messages. The Christ spirit is so present during this season of resurrection and rebirth. Aho!


    • Sage says:

      Oh my goodness, GODness, Lisa! How sacred!
      Wow, what a blessing.
      People don’t realize how present He still is,
      right here with us,
      LIGHT here with us!

      And yes I believe especially so during
      Easter and Christmas seasons,
      but really anytime a miracle can happen.

      Thank you for sharing this.
      Very precious!
      Have a blessed Easter, dear one!
      Love, Sage


  3. Barbara says:

    Thank you abundantly, Sage, for sharing this inspirational message. Much love and many blessings to you and your family for a glorious Easter!


    • Sage says:

      Thank you, Eve!

      Perhaps this is why Jesus nudged me to share the message…
      So others can feel the truth of this directly.

      Somehow it does feel personal, to all of us.

      So much love to you and have a happy Easter!


    • Sage says:

      Awwwww, thank you, dear Rikkie!

      That made me feel so good.

      Thank you for reading the message
      and for your lovely comment that is so precious!

      Hugs and Love,



    • Sage says:

      Wow. I love how you said that:
      “Touches the matrix of my life.”

      I totally get that, because we are all energy,
      we are all one with Spirit and one another and Love.

      Thank you for that awesome comment!

      And have a blessed holiday!
      With love, Sage


    • Sage says:

      I am so glad!

      I am here to inspire and share and shine Love
      and I am so happy this message touched your heart.

      Have a beautiful Easter!
      Much love,


    • Sage says:

      Thank you, Jula!

      I really appreciate your taking the time to read the message
      and to share your appreciative comment.

      Have a wonderful Easter and bright blessings!!


  4. leah says:

    Thank you so much Sage, you are a beautiful light being and this is such a colorful, heartwarming message on this wonderful Easter day! Love and Blessings to you !! ❤


  5. Sheryl says:

    Oh what a heartwarming gift! I’m so glad you allowed yourself to be nudged into sharing this channeling with us. My body tingled all over as I breathed in the Love radiating from this message. I hope you and your family had a splendiferously joy-filled day Ms Sage, a.k.a. Earth Angel


    • Sage says:

      Thank you so much, Sheryl!
      You are an Earth angel, too,
      and your comment filled me with
      so much joy!
      Bright blessings and blissings to you!
      Love, Sage


  6. Michael Ramirez says:

    A Letter from Jeshua
    linkedin • To Sage: Thank You! How sacred! Wow, what a blessing.He is here with us! And yes I believe especially so during Easter and Christmas seasons, but really anytime a miracle can happen. Thank you for sharing this-very precious! Have a blessed Easter!-Michael Ramirez
    Channeled By Sage on January 19, 2011
    And first shared with the world on Easter 2013
    SAGE, a.k.a. The Prosperous Goddess


  7. Michael Ramirez says:

    Wynn Free had a guest speaker Dr. Terry Friedman on-author of I walked with him (as Mathias) see intelligent-infinity.com 04/21/2014 conference calls Monday night replay. Very touching as was your post.


  8. Betsy Morel says:

    thankyou so much for allowing yourself to be a channel for all who come through you Sage…..you are a blessing for all of us because we get to hear all of these beautiful messages that come through you….I really needed this today, thankyou Jesus and thankyou again Sage. hugs, hugs and more hugs


    • Sage says:

      Thank you, Betsy, for your kind words and please know that we are here for you.
      Are you getting our emails yet? We have so much more to share and I would love to
      send you some more inspiration… Bright blessings to you! Love, Sage


  9. Mary says:

    Thank you Sage for being a channel from which this beautiful message came forth. This is a special time to connect with all that is and give thanks for all we have been blessed with.We all need reminders with deep meaning and spiritual essence of meaning to carry on with our journey ,so We can continue to be a bright light for good. Love you always. Mary [ laughing Wolf


    • Sage says:

      Thank you so much, beautiful Laughing Wolf Sister!
      It is my great joy to share this with you!
      In love and light always, many many blessings to you! Love, Sage


      • Sage says:

        Our other books, which include a lot of channeling, are currently only available as part of programs.
        In particular, the Angelic Abundance Activator course has a whole book of channelings called Create True Prosperity Now!
        written by Archangel Michael…. And there are many audio channelings and other spiritual writings in there as well.
        It is a comprehensive course in awakening and manifestation and was recently voted the #1 Law of Attraction program in the world! (for which I give credit to Archangel Michael for all his wisdom, love and power!)
        That program is available at this website – materials are all emailed to you or you download them off the student website after you register: http://www.AngelicAbundanceActivator.com

        Enjoy and many blessings to you!


  10. James Lavigne says:

    This fits very very well with a practice I have been learning/doing, attuning to the divine, learning to be aware of that in life. It can be amazing, might be called communion. I consider this message to be true/truth.


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