EVERYTHING IS ENERGY! Energy, Money, Reiki and YOU

everything is connected

Everything is energy.

In today’s Law of Attraction- and Quantum-Physics-savvy culture, many of us understand this consciously. We know that even objects that appear to be solid, say the computer you are reading this on right now, or even your own body, are actually made up primarily of blank space and small amounts of vibrating atomic and subatomic particles.

Light. Space. Vibration. Energy.

So if this is the case, how does this apply to your LIFE?

How can the concept “Everything is energy” actually help you improve your health, your relationships, your wealth, your inner peace, in short EVERYTHING in your life experience?

And if it’s so easy to do that, why are more people not happy, healthy, wealthy and abSOULutely living their best lives?

Here’s the thing.

It’s not enough to just understand that everything is energy.

You need to clear out the blocks and negative energy, and this includes cords, entities, lower vibrations, even subconscious limiting beliefs. You also need to open to and receive –and HARMONIZE – positive energies and bring more of the ENERGY OF WHAT YOU WANT into your thoughts (mental energy field), your feelings (emotional energy field) and your spirit body (spiritual energy field).

Chakra Light Image

So how do you do that?


To some degree you can do this for yourself, and to some degree you will probably need some help from a healer who operates at the level of energy and soul (and who has good protection and boundaries). Especially if you are dealing with old, recurrent patterns. Because the older and more deep-seated your issues and blocks, the more likely you will need some help clearing out the junk and gunk.

What you can do for yourself includes prayer, visualization (pushing OUT the negative energy, directing it to the Source of Light, or the Earth, Air, Fire or Water, with harm to none, for the Highest Good of All), ritual, energywork such as Reiki and Chakra Clearing and Charging.

Healing modalities for clearing include Spiritual Clearing, Space Clearing, Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Omnidimensional Healing Modality (OHM), ChristLight Clearing/Exorcism, Angelic Healing and more.
(Private sessions and readings with Sage include any and all of the above, as needed)

My husband, Mark Goddard, is a powerful medicine man trained in both shamanic healing and Reiki and he is a channel for Archangel Raphael. (Go here to learn more about Shamanic Clearing with Mark)

2) You need to BRING IN POSITIVE ENERGY to raise your vibration so you are attuned to the frequency of what you desire. An essential key is to do this on ALL levels including Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit (and this includes the subconscious mind as well as the aura and chakras).

Excellent methods for attuning to more Love, Health and Wealth include TelAttunements with Archangel Michael and the Alliance of Light, Aligning with Abundance or other 100% positive hypno-meditation audios (make sure they are 100% positive because any negative language can do more harm than good), Intuitive Angelic Miracle Healing private sessions, Reiki, Shamanic Soul Retrieval (restores your lost soul parts and energy so you feel more alive, grounded, aware and energized!) and more.



I designed and taught a program called Multicultural Meditation for Busy People at Kaiser Permanente, based on researching the most effective methods of Eastern and Western meditation worldwide, integrated with mind-body medicine.

Meditation does not have to mean sitting cross-legged and chanting om. (This is a Hollywood cliché!) That is ONE of hundreds of ways to meditate.

Meditation means clearing your mind, relaxing your body,
rejuvenating your spirit and accessing your inner peace and natural joy.

meditating at beautiful huge tree

You can meditate indoors or out. Eyes closed or open (tratakam is the Sanskrit word for open-eyed meditation or gazing). Still or moving. Silent or listening to music or a guided meditation or chanting. Even walking, eating and cooking can be meditations when done with heartfulness and mindfulness.
Meditating in Nature, with crystals or candles, aromatherapy, sound …
All of these can enhance your experience of the greatest JOurneY of all:
The journey within.

purple Reiki handsArt by Ellen Vaman

Energywork such as REIKI can also serve as a meditation as well as a healing method for yourself and others because you are brought to a state of focused awareness and you learn to run the energy of the Divine (Universal Life Force Energy) to be filled and overflowing with Love and Light. Anyone can learn Reiki and it can never be used to harm anyone, only to support the body’s natural intelligence and healing power. Reiki healings can be done in person or remotely.

Did you know that Reiki is the only energy healing modality that is now in over 70 U.S. hospitals? This is because it is so effective and there are numerous clinical studies documenting its power to help people experience healing, reduce stress and improve their energy, immune response and happiness as well.

What about moving meditation? Archangel Michael is teaching me some new methods of moving meditation which help us bridge Heaven and Earth. These movements are a kind of angelic yoga, if you will, and they facilitate our Enlightened Embodiment, and Embodied Enlightenment.

Stay tuned as we release the videos to share some of these movements with you. (Our email subscribers and Facebook community will be the first to access these teaching videos, often at no charge – Click to join our email comeUNITY and get many free resources for your path.)

Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, martial arts, ecstatic dance, gratitude walks, Cherokee Dance of Life (this is a kind of Medicine Wheel to the 4 Directions that you make with your body)…
These are among the many beautiful ways you can harmonize your energy field.

And how does MONEY relate to the concept that Everything Is Energy?

To experience true abundance and break free from your old beliefs and patterns about money, work and success, you absolutely need to deeply align with the kNOWingness that Money is not only Energy, it is GOOD energy when used with love and good intention.

This may seem obvious at the head level but MOST spiritual people have MANY subconscious negative beliefs about money such as:

* Money is bad (corollaries include Rich people are ruining the planet. Rich people are assholes…)

* I don’t deserve money (corollaries include I can’t be trusted with money, I can’t keep money…)

* Money creates stress (corollaries include I don’t know how to handle a lot of money, it’s risky)

* It’s not spiritual to get paid a lot for healing/creative work I enjoy doing (corollaries include I should just give my work away, do donations, do sliding scale and work trades, I have to help EVERYONE…)

* I have to work hard to make money (Money doesn’t grow on trees, etc.-
The Real Truth is, it does!)


Seriously, are you relating to some of those B.S. Beliefs to Shift About Money?
Can you see how they are holding you back energetically?

In fact, Archangel Michael has identified EIGHT negative limiting belief sets that we all need to clear out and replace the B.S. (!!!) Beliefs to Shift, with the Highest Truths.

It was not until I cleared out all 8 of these beliefs that I could rise from bankruptcy, homelessness and decades of financial struggle to earning 6 figures joyfully out of my home, doing only what I love. And this is why I am extremely passionate about helping other Lightworkers and heart-centered people in this way. (By the way, we help you work through all 8 of these in the A3 program.)

Thus, when kind people like you and if I may say so, me, become more wealthy, we don’t just buy more houses, fancier cars and bigger swimming pools. As loving and wise stewards of the MONEY ENERGY, we find ways to live comfortably AND to use money energy to help others. To pay it forward and make a difference. (This is why a portion of proceeds from our programs are given to organizations helping women, children, the environment, indigenous people and animals, and why we offer scholarship. I am happy to say that we gave away over $20,000 in scholarships and donations this past month alone and could not have done that if we were still poor and struggling.)

In our programs such as Espritpreneurs: Heart-Centered Spirit-Guided Life Purpose & Business Accelerator and Angelic Abundance Activator, Archangel Michael and I also teach about the importance of taking time each morning and evening as your Golden Time and Silver Time for yourself and Spirit.

Please consider making a deeper commitment to creating this special time as a daily act of self-love, healing and spiritual connection. This can include the kinds of practices we mentioned above (prayer, chakra clearing & charging, energywork, meditation, movement, visualization) as well as affirmations, gratitude and intention-setting, Soul Questions and more.

If you would like some support with this, we are deLIGHTed to provide healing, coaching, teaching and new tools for your path.

What is your next step, now that you have a deeper and higher awareness of Energy, Reiki, Money and You? We’d love to read your comments below and look forward to continuing to support your path of Love, Spirit & Success.

Bright blessings!



SAGE, a.k.a. The Prosperous Goddess,TM is a 6-figure Master Intuitive & Abundance Coach, Archangel Michael, Ascended Masters & Divine Mother Channel, shamanic soul and energy healer, Reiki Master Teacher, chakra and meditation expert, internationally acclaimed author and catalyst for personal and planetary transformation.  Founder of Omnidimensional Healing Modality (OHM) TM,  and the PsyCAM TM Psychic Chakra Aura Map extensive energy field reading and soul drawing process, SAGE passionately empowers thousands of Lightworkers to love themselves, their Divine Right Soulmate, Life & Spirit, make more money – and more of a difference.

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