A MOTHER’S DAY BLESSING (For Mothers, Others and Mother Earth) – By Sage

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Here is a poem blessing I wrote today.

A Mother’s Day Blessing

By Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard

Blessings & Love to all mothers, those here,
holding up the world in our daily acts of kindness,
and those watching over us and living on
within our breath and blood.

Blessings to all creators & nurturers,
for we are all here to create and to nurture.

Blessings to Mother Earth and all Her children,
Her grassy hair,
Her curved hills and valleys,
Her sweet wind breath,
Her flowing river blood.

Blessings of the Goddess,
to the Goddess,
by the Goddess

And let us celebrate Her,
see Her and be Her.

Blissed & Blessed Be –

On this Day of the Mother…

And all-ways.


pregnant woman rock beautiful mother

On a personal note, I’d like to share some thoughts about this holiday.

I like to celebrate it in as broad a manner as possible, recognizing that not every woman has had the opportunity (or desire) to physically mother a child or to adopt a child, and yet all women – and men too! – can be and are here to be nurturing, giving, perceptive, loving, creative beings, i.e. mothers.

So let us honor:

* The women who have borne children.

Those whose children are alive and well, alive and not-so-well, those whose children have already left the Earth, those who miscarried or had stillbirths, and yes, those who aborted.

And those whose children are estranged from them.

Those who show up as mother and grandmother and great-grandmothers,
doing their best to love and hold and cheer on their progeny.

* Those who have adopted children.

I am blessed to have TWO mothers:
My adoptive mom, who by the way JUST relocated to this area this week to live closer to me and get the support she needs (she is 87 and has limited vision), and my birthmom, who found me when I was 21 and who is also a treasure in my life.

I am very close to both my beautiful mothers.

In fact today for the first time, BOTH my mothers will be with me on Mother’s Day!

I am thrilled and feel so incredibly full of love, to have both these mothers in my life, and also happy beyond description that the two of them love and respect one another and can in a sense share their love of me and for me and with me. (This was not always the case, the first 8 years after my birthmom found me were, shall we say… rough…)

Being a mother of an adopted child or children is every bit as much mothering so let us remember to honor all these mothers too.

* The men who are serving as mothers, as well as fathers.

Single dads, gay dads, yin dads, they are lovingly mothering children and so I say let’s recognize them and celebrate them because they are being love in action, often despite societal judgment and without a “village” to support them as caregivers.

* And let’s give a special shoutout to all the single moms. My God, they are goddesses.

* All caregivers. Period.

* The women whose babies have fur or feathers ….

Pets are children and for many people they are loved just as much as children (more in some cases). Let’s celebrate the pet mothers!

* Mother Earth warriors and protectors.

Let’s give credit to everyone who speaks out and writes and teaches and does science and prays and does anything & everything FOR THE EARTH because She is the Mother of us all.

So today, I celebrate you.

I celebrate your mother.

I celebrate your maternal lineage.

I celebrate all the mothers and others who mother.

I celebrate the Divine Mother and Gaia.

I celebrate the Spirit of the Feminine.

I love you!

Artistic Mother Earth green hair holding the world

SAGE, a.k.a. The Prosperous Goddess, is a Soulwork Business & Abundance Acceleration Coach, world-class clairvoyant and clairaudient intuitive Archangel Michael & Divine Mother channel, and an expert on intuition, energy, healing and spirituality. She is a shamanic healer, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher & Money Reiki Grand Master.

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That’s me with my amazing hubby and our 2 boys at a Renaissance Faire laughing our heads off 

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cat kitty on eggs mother

Now here’s a great example of an “other” type of mother!


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