When is the last time you said a BIG JUICY YES to yourself?

How often do you treat yourself to something healing and glorious and magical and HUGE?

I’m not talking about a new blouse or even a massage.

I’m talking about the kind of delicious WOWNESS that makes part of you stop and say: “Oh my God, do I DESERVE this much pleasure & support and incredibleness?” … 💜

And another wiser part of you jumps in: “FUCK YES, GIRL, YOU TOTALLY DESERVE THIS! You need it, you want it, it’s your time, go for it and don’t look back for one second!” 💛

We women tend to put everyone else and everything else first.

We tend to say, “There are so many other places that money needs to go” and “Oh, sure, I WILL treat myself. Soon. Someday. I will get the healing / mentoring / whatever-I-really-need-most-that-can-change-my-life…. later. After ________ (insert all the excuses here).”

And of course, we all know what happens. Later never comes. …

Get bolder, ladies! 💚

Your life is NOW.

This is not a dress rehearsal.

If you want your life to be different, you need to do something RADICALLY DIFFERENT.

And you need to take the time to FEEL INTO IMPORTANT DECISIONS.

woman namaste greeting sun gorgeous

Ask your Highest Self.

Not just: Is this right for me?

But ask: In the Big Picture of my Life, is this the right choice?

Ask: What would Love do? …

💙Then pay attention to and ACT on the answer you get.

It could be a whisper. A feeling in your heart.

A vision. A feeling of being hugged.

A soft breeze as the breath of the Divine gives you tingles.

A gentle glow. A smile.

An excitement.

A bubbliness.

An inexplicable joy.

🧡When you are on the threshold of an Important Decision, honor that decision as sacred. Honor your Self as sacred. Honor your Spirit as sacred.

Because what you choose to say yes (or no) to NOW impacts you, your family and everyone in your life, and in fact, all the world for years to come, beloveds. ….


full moon diamond hands goddess woman prayer

And for God~dess’ sake and your own:


If your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul are longing for a 4-5 day BLISS IMMERSION with soul sisters, abun-dancing under the Full Moon, soaking in mineral springs and being pampered…

Experiencing breakthrough after breakthrough to set you free and turn fear into TOTAL GODDESS POWER, you are warmly invited to explore Loot Camp 2018 at Mt. Shasta.

If you feel a magical inner “Ooooh!!!!” yessing blessing, please apply ASAP!

*** We have 1 bonus spot left which means the next sister to enroll gets an in-depth VIP 1:1 2-hour private Omnidimensional Healing & coaching session with yours truly. (A $900 value)

Early Bird savings is still in effect too as of this writing. This is an all-inclusive, very intimate healing retreat for your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul, at the sacred mountain:
Mt. Shasta, known as the First Chakra of Planet Earth.

Oh, and our retreat takes place at Fall Equinox. And Full Moon.

full moon goddess blue water gown magical.png

Learn more here and listen to your Inner Voice:

🌀 🌀

As Rumi said, “Say yes to every call that excites your spirit.”

Whether that is Loot Camp or something else, make your decisions with boldness and love for yourself and act on that inspiration!

No mushiness and no wussiness.

Just get clear and glow forward!

Every single time I said a BIG JUICY YES to getting support that I knew was exactly what I needed, that I sensed would help me help myself uplevel, I didn’t just have the investment “laying around.”

I had to take a leap of faith. Some of my clients do have the funds to invest in themselves via our transformational work & sacred play together, but many have to get resourceful and then activate their inner Faith and Trustdar. And their Future Self thanks them for it later!

Because what I have seen over and over is that when you are very committed to something, The Universe will support you with the re-Sources you need.

Decide intuitively dive the f in meme canva (1).png

You just need to be CLEAR and GET IN GEAR.

You need to be willing to RECEIVE.

And get ready for miracles!

So Much love, Sage
The Prosperous Goddess

Mt Shasta Loot Camp with website Banner 600Web940.jpg

SAGE, a.k.a. The Prosperous Goddess, is a Soulwork Business & Abundance Acceleration Coach, world-class clairvoyant and clairaudient intuitive Archangel Michael & Divine Mother channel, and an expert on intuition, energy, healing and spirituality. She is a shamanic healer, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher & Money Reiki Grand Master.

She’s the founder and only trainer of Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) Healing, and a #1 best-selling author and catalyst for personal and planetary transformation.

Voted the world’s #1 Law of Attraction teacher for the course “Angelic Abundance Activator,” SAGE passionately empowers Lightworkers, women & awakening souls to love themselves, their Divine soulmate, life & Spirit more joyfully while they make more money – and more of a difference.

Connect with the Divine, prosper, thrive & SHINE!

Copyright Rev. “Sage” Taylor Kingsley-Goddard 2018



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  1. mythrivingtribe says:

    Sage, I just love your INspiration, love, guidance as well as the Divine timing of your Blogs/Articles! I just put together a WordPress Page in order to Comment and to also
    double check that I am on your mailing list to make sure I don’t miss out on all your Juicy
    Gems! Blessings and Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sage! “Praying for your family”


    • Sage says:

      Awwww, thank you so much, dearest! Send me an email and I can double check (remind me in the email of your first name, last name and email addy) so I can be sure you are all set. 🙂 There is also a way to subscribe to the blog here, which is different than subscribing to my regular email list. That means that whenever I put a new blog post, you get a short notification to your ebox. Enjoy and cheers!!! xoxox Sage


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