5 Secrets to Experience More Balance, Joy and Sanity… (Here’s how to finally stop being a giveaholic & doaholic and ENJOY your life more!)

This is the first in a 5-part article series. 

5 ESSENTIAL Ways to Enjoy More Balance, Joy, Inner Peace & Sanity –
No Matter How Many People Need You or What Craziness & Stress Is Going On Around You

By Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard Copyright 2018

How do we, as women, create greater balance and inner peace when we have so many demands and are the ones “holding the space” for so many people in our lives?

We take care of our children.

We help our elders.

We speak out for what we believe in.

We work at our businesses or jobs.

And there is always, always more laundry, more dishes, more shopping to do, right?

Doaholics and giveaholics are we.

Between children, pets, home, other friends and family, and our commitments at work, it may feel sometimes like you’re the last one on your own list.

I get it.

I have 2 teenage boys at home, 2 rescue dogs (Whose turn is it to clean up the mess the puppy made? Not me!), and a six-figure home-based business inspiring, teaching, healing and coaching thousands of heart-centered people worldwide.

It’s a LOT to manage and juggle.

Recently we have had additional responsibilities added to our already-busy lives when we relocated my elderly mother from Las Vegas to a house in a local senior community just 3 miles away. (Here’s my mom on Moving Day!)

Mom Moms and moving boxes May 2018

My mom is 87 and has macular degeneration in both eyes. She also has limited hearing and can no longer drive. The first two months after her relocation, my health took a beating because there was just TOO much to do.

I had a relapse of Epstein-Barr Virus and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Fortunately though, I remained very committed to my self-care and took – and continue to take – regular time for Self & Spirit because I know that if I don’t, not only would I collapse in exhaustion, but I’d also be of no use to anyone.

My family depends upon me financially and also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And in ways that cannot be quantified or described. (I know you know what I mean.)

As a former classroom teacher, I tend to be the one the kids turn to for help with homework and anything academic. I am also the one who orders the vitamins (we take a bajillion supplements in our household!), makes all our travel plans, and manages our finances.

My husband – God bless him! – does most of the kid school pick up and drop off, he does most dishes and the kids and I do most laundry, and he vacuums (whereas I am VERY good at ignoring anything below my ankles!).

We are a good team but sometimes there is still just too much to do as business owners, as home owners, as parents. As human beings.

We have to make sure we SCHEDULE time as a couple, otherwise it is all work and no play, and we feel like business partners and housemates instead of lovers. We believe nurturing a healthy marriage is not only good for us, it also models a positive, harmonious, respectful and joy-filled relationship for our children.

And as our parents age, it seems that the “burdens” and busy-ness only increase.

My birthfather and Mark’s stepfather both have Alzheimers.

My birthmother and mother-in-law both had heart attacks this spring.

So I’d like to share a few tips with you today, to help you navigate more gracefully and gratefully, so you can enjoy your life more right now, no matter what is going on around you.

This is ESPECIALLY important if you are a caregiver or, like me, in the “sandwich generation” taking care of the youth and the elders, or if you feel stressed in any way.

May these words and the energy of love turn your stressings into blessings…

beautiful goddess pink roses


Develop a regular routine of body care every morning.

I teach my clients in my Prosperous Goddess Mastermind and Loot Camp programs that we all need positive habits of “Golden Time” to start our day right and “Silver Time” in the evening to complete in a relaxed and grateful way.

I now dedicate about 1.5 to 2 hours each day to self-care.

Does that sound radical or extreme to you?

Self-love IS a radical act.

smiling happy free woman from dreamstime

Everyone’s needs are different. And this changes over time too.

When we had babies, I was lucky to get 2 hours a week. Showers were a luxury.

Nowadays, between 7:30 and 9:30 am, you will find me:

* Meditating

Sage meditating namaste Oregon garden photo pic

* Doing conscious movement like yoga, HeartBridges (Angelic Tai Chi) or Chi Gung

balance yoga pose dancer PG

* Journaling positively: My gratitudes and intentions for the day, or doing Intuitive Journaling with God and my Divine Team (channeled writing to guide my day and my life)

journal and pen

* Showering AND rubbing in love with the lotion!
* Admiring and maybe even hugging or kissing the fruit trees in our orchard and the flowers in our garden
* Cuddling our puppy!
* Doing self-Reiki & chakra clearing and energizing

beautiful colorful chakras Higher Consciousness HC aura
* Declaring & energizing my affirmations
* Blowing kisses to myself in the mirror
* Asking Soul Questions to open to higher guidance (more on these later)
* Giving thanks for another day of living and loving!

Please let me know if any of these tips sparks an “Ooooh, I’d like to hear more about THAT!” – I have over 24 years of experience as an energy healer, spiritual teacher and coach, and have MANY resources I can share with you.

Just let me know in a comment what you’d like more of. 🙂

So remember: Take time every morning especially for Self + Spirit and you’ll be amazed at how this sets the tone for an awesome day!

Share in a comment below your questions, your insights, your renewed commitment to Self & Spirit, or your own ideas for nurturing yourself and loving yourself more!

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