SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR SOUL FAMILY TRIBE – Part 3 of 5 ESSENTIAL Ways to Enjoy More Life Balance, Joy & Sanity

By Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard © 2018

[This is Part 3 of a 5-part article series.] 

5 ESSENTIAL Ways to Enjoy More Balance, Joy, Inner Peace & Sanity – 
No Matter How Many People Need You or What Craziness & Stress Is Going On Around You – Secret #3

Message from Michael Canva meme Facebook time is not


Archangel Michael once told me:

“Sage! Facebook time is NOT a substitute
for either face time or book time.”


So when I say in person, I mean in person. Face time.

I love Facebook. Don’t get me wrong.

I also love Instagram. (Hook up with me at the links below!)

But TOO much of a good thing is not always a better thing.

It’s all about BALANCE.

And so many of us spend too much time indoors, on screens, too much time communicating only through these metal rectangles.

I needed (at the time he told me that) a Divine Nudge to get OFF Facebook and pay more attention to the “Real World” and people right here around me.

You can interpret Archangel Michael’s message that Facebook time is not a substitute for Face time or Book time, in many ways, whatever makes sense to you.

For example, one of my Facebook group members and I were exploring this concept and she was saying that she finds video calls a great way to connect with distant family. Absolutely! That can count as face time or close enough… (A video call is more personal than a phone call which is more personal than an email or text, yes? Yes!)

We talked in the last article about the excess of screen time and the need to unplug.

Today we’re adding in the importance of spending QUALITY TIME with the people who are most important to you.

you are celebrated

And how satisfying it FEELS to you be in a community (or communities) where you are fully seen and supported and celebrated. So let’s look deeper at this now…

You may feel like you do spend time with friends. Family. Neighbors.

Maybe even with your local spiritual community if you have one, or people with common interests.

But do they feel like your TRIBE?

T = Transforming
R = Reliable
I = Inspiring
B = Blessing
E = Embracing

Transforming – You support one another’s growth and evolution.
Reliable – You can count on your tribe members. They’ve got your back (and all the rest of you too!)
Inspiring – You bring out the best in one another and inspire greatness!
Blessing – They are a blessing in your life, as you are in theirs.
Embracing – They see you, hold you & treasure you.

I love to work with women with whom there is such a strong bond, we literally feel like soul sisters. This week I was touched so deeply when one of my clients told me, “I’ve worked with other coaches and healers, I’ve been in a different Mastermind and I have to tell you, Sage, I have never felt so supported as when we’ve worked together. I feel like you SEE me, I feel held, I feel like you listen with your whole heart and you support me in being my best me. You hold this vision for me even more clearly than I can for myself at times and I have never experienced anything like this before or since.”

I truly believe that we have Soul Family members here on Earth and one of the reasons we incarnated is to help one another grow, and to remember and blossom fully into being all of who we came here to be.

purple circle of love holding hands community

It’s not only your love relationship that can be soul family.

You can attract and nurture amazing connections at the soul level (as well as body, mind and heart) with your ideal clients and mentors, your friends and business partners, in every area of your life.

So ask yourself about the people you spend most of your time with now:
Can you be 100% joyfully, gleefully ALL of who you are around them?

Do they celebrate wacky, wild, weird, wonderful YOU?

What if you are a very woowoo person and MOST of your family and friends think you are a bit… crazy?

What if you feel like, as one of my clients said this week, “I can only share a tiny fraction of who I really am with the people in my life. They don’t really get me and I have to hide so much of me behind walls. It’s very draining.”

I understand completely, dear heart.


“We evolve at the rate of the tribe we are plugged into.”
– Caroline Myss

When you find the soul sisters and brothers who light you up and lift you up,
nurture those relationships.

And be willing to expand your horizons and get out of your (dis)comfort zone because there are some AMAZING people out there. Including YOU.

And there’s nothing like spending quality time face to face, heart to heart
and soul to soul.

Your comments are warmly welcome!

I’d love to hear how this resonated for you and any thoughts this inspires…. 🙂


Make a list of 10 or more people who MOST feel like your tribe.
Reach out to 1, 2 or 3 of them every week. Especially with an Actual Phone Call or In-Person Visit (or video call). Plan a get-together or party. Unitask. Just BE together.

What are some other ways in which you can reach out more to connect with your true tribe?

And how can you allow more of YOU to be seen and celebrated?

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Online tribes and friendships may not be “face time” however sometimes they CAN be. Or they can grow into being local friendships. I have numerous video calls with my tribe members worldwide. And we’ve even become very good friends with some of our Facebook friends, one of whom even relocated to our area so we have in-person face time now! And others who started out as online connections have driven or flown out (VIP clients, students, friends, joint venture partner) and visited at our home.

By the way, our son is in an online band now. Seriously! They are making original music in 3 different locations and with the magic of audio editing and video calls, they will soon have an album out. We can find creative ways to bring more intimate and real connectivity and even cocreation and collaboration online.

AND we also need to nurture our local in-person relationships too. Balance, my friends.

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