Gathering: A Poem for Fall Equinox By Sage

Gathering: A Poem for Fall Equinox By Sage

A Poem in 4 Parts, Written over a Year….
By Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard

Gwen Davies Art Wheel of the Year Goddesses
                          Art Source: Wheel of the Year, By Gwen Davies

The Wheel
The World
Time’s ribbon sweetly swirls and twirls

golden infinity symbol black background

The heat of summer insistingly persists
Trees aflame, fires afar
And here we begin to see the warm colors
In symphonic tapestries all around us

fall golden portal leaves

Time to turn within
To slow down
To harvest
Those we love
Our dusty dreams
Bounty from the Earth

Fall Autumn apples basket harvest

Each day a blessing
Each season a gift

This life
A miracle.

Thank you God I am so blessed gratitude
[This piece is part of a sacred poem in 4 parts. This is Part Three.]

SAGE, a.k.a. The Prosperous Goddess, is The Divine Alignment Coach and a world-class clairvoyant and clairaudient intuitive Archangel Michael & Divine Mother channel, and an expert on intuition, energy, healing and spirituality. She is an angelic & shamanic healer, soulwork business & life purpose coach, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher & Money Reiki Grand Master.

Sage is a #1 best-selling author and catalyst for personal and planetary transformation.

Voted the world’s #1 Law of Attraction teacher for the course “Angelic Abundance Activator,” SAGE passionately empowers Lightworkers, women & awakening souls to connect with the Divine, prosper, thrive & SHINE!

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autumn image equinox

5 thoughts on “Gathering: A Poem for Fall Equinox By Sage

  1. Jan Foster Desdier says:

    Beautiful, beautiful poem Sage. Love the presentation and graphcs. Had to read it again, Sent t to all my email friends. Touched my heart and soul.


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