The History of Michaelmas: Archangel Michael’s Holiest Day (plus a special invitation!)

Archangel Michael blue on Earth beautiful image use       ~~~~ HAPPY MICHAELMAS!!! ~~~~

Did you know that today is Archangel (St.) Michael’s special day,
dedicated to honoring him?

Many people are not familiar with Michaelmas so let me share a little about the history of it…


Sept. 29 is honored as the Feast of St. Michael.

In the Middle Ages, Michaelmas was a day of Holy Obligation, and in England, Wales and Ireland, it was a quarter day when accounts needed to be settled.

In Episcopal and Anglican traditions, this day is also for honoring Archangels Raphael and Gabriel.

Today, in Waldorf schools, Michaelmas is celebrated as a festival day of courage, strong will and the children often act in a play in which Saint (or Archangel) Michael defeats or tames the Dragon, representing ego and darkness.

Personal note: Our youngest son, Sky Merlin, got to be part of the dragon in the St. Michael play at the Waldorf School he attended. I enjoyed volunteering to help with the play.

Here is a verse from Rudolf Steiner:

I allow the radiant figure to shine into
my heart and soul and mind
And so gain the strength to vanquish the dragon.
Powerful, wise spirit of the will, 
Weaving in the far reaches of the spirit over all,
Working through spiritual beings —
Surely you are working too
In the depth’s of my soul’s being
So, in loving working, bind fast
My inner life to your illumined strength
In finding you, I find myself.
–Rudolf Steiner
(founder of Waldorf education and anthroposophy)

In Scotland, people eat St. Michael’s bannocks, scone-like oatcakes, and would traditionally cook and eat a goose. The cake was made by the eldest daughter as she recited an abundance blessing for the family:

“Progeny and prosperity of family, Mystery of Michael, Protection of the Trinity” 

Michaelmas falls in the Northern Hemisphere near Autumn Equinox and is thus associated with the coming of winter.

In the darker time of year, people may need more spiritual protection as the veil between the worlds grows thinner.

Personal note: At the KVMR Celtic festival in Grass Valley, we saw this flag at one of the booths, to honor Archangel Michael. The flag talks about how Michael conquers evil and casts out all darkness:

On Michaelmas and the coming days, take time to find the Light within.


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Abundant Love & BLISSings,
Sage, The Prosperous Goddess


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