TRANSMUTING 9-11: A poem of healing

By Sage Taylor Kingsley – Copyright 2021

A time to remember
A time for release.
A time of great healing
Now it’s time for great peace.
We honor the fallen
And those who survived
Let’s answer The Calling:
Keep planet alive.
‘Twas a day full of infamy.
Now we step into synchrony.
Let’s turn that disaster
To compassion, hereafter.

A poem of healing… and remembering
By Sage Taylor Kingsley

Kindly share in honor of all we have gone through
and the new world we get to create together, in peace.

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One thought on “TRANSMUTING 9-11: A poem of healing

  1. Gayle Lee says:

    Beautiful Sage, the above and the Fall Equinox Poem. Thank you so much. Much love and Sparkly rainbow blessings

    Gayle xx

    M: +61 439 666 636 E: W:

    On Sun, 12 Sept 2021 at 04:45, Sage’s Wisdom Pages wrote:

    > Sage posted: ” By Sage Taylor Kingsley – Copyright 2021 A time to > rememberA time for release.A time of great healingNow it’s time for great > peace.We honor the fallenAnd those who survivedLet’s answer The > Calling:Keep planet alive.’Twas a day full of infamy.Now w” >


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