She’s strolling along, wide-brimmed red hat, leather sandals, comfy jeans and a T-shirt. She’s got sparkles in her hair, on her cheeks and in her eyes.

“Today,” she says, “is all about the kind of solitude that fills your soul. I call it ‘soulitude.’”

“Ah, I understand,” I nod, sagely.

Now she’s doing yoga. “Aaaaah,” she purr-sighs, stretching like a cat.

She’s making me want to stretch too, so I launch into some Sun Salutations.

When I look up, she’s wearing an apron that says “Witchin’ in the Kitchen” and is smashing old bananas in a big steel bowl, adding flour, coconut sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and love.

“Cooking is therapeutic; and especially baking. Wonderful for Saturdays. Let’s get this into the oven!” In goes the banana bread batter, 2 loaves.

Now she’s sitting under a big tree, with journal and pen.

“A poem within a story is a source of truth and glory.
But a story within a poem, rarer still, sets a tone.
A journey through a tale.
So step aboard, set sail!”

We’re on a sailboat, breezes billowing our long hair…

“It’s not bad,” I shout over the wind. “The opening lines are…inviting… But I think some of the rhythm is a bit choppy, don’t you think?” The ship lurches a bit.

“Everyone’s a critic,” she scoffs, but with a smile, so I know she’s taking it in stride. “So go on, then, you write one. You know you want to.”

“Uh, now??”

“It’s the only moment there ever is.”

“OK. ‘When she whispered of her passion, he embraced her, heartbeats crashin’.
When they kissed, they roared like thunder, loud of spirit, full of wonder.

“Not bad,” she affirms. “There aren’t too many good words that rhyme with thunder. You could have forced ‘asunder’ in there, but it would have defeated the imagery. ‘Plunder’ would have cheapened the whole thing to the bodice-ripping-cheap-novel level, and you certainly couldn’t do ‘blunder’ without creating one. Ha!” Chuckle-cackle-giggles at her own joke.

“Right! I think once I’d committed to ‘thunder,’ ‘wonder’ was the best –”

The doorbell rings. Little Dog yaps.

“Oh, good! Time for tea!” she smiles broadly, and I feel like Bilbo in The Hobbit as the Saturday Witch opens my door and a whole gaggle of witches come streaming in, some bearing gifts. A little bonsai tree. A box of chocolates. A bottle of good red wine. A bag of green beans. A vanilla almond candle.

Everyone settles in as Saturday takes the banana bread out of the oven and slices it up. Sunday is pouring tea. Thursday passes butter and a knife around. Tuesday is arranging flowers. Monday is sipping her tea, eyes closed in bliss. Wednesday and Friday are whispering to one another, heads close together, laughing.

“Socializing with those you love. Friends and family, old and new,” Saturday reminds me.

“Ding dong!” the doorbell announces gaily.

No yap this time though, because Little Dog is happy in a lappy.

A handsome man is in the doorway, arms wrapped, and wrapt, around Saturday, in a passionate kiss.

When she pulls gently away, she looks at me, and I tell her, “Girl, you know how to have FUN!”

She winks.


Copyright 2021 By Sage Taylor Kingsley ~ All rights reserved.


SAGE, The Prosperous Goddess®, is a globally renowned intuitive Spiritual Mentor and Life and Business Coach for Lightworkers, Healers and Awakening Women. As a highly clairvoyant healer, channel, teacher and cosmic catalyst, she’s here to help you enhance your Divine Feminine energy, experience soul liberation via ancestral & karmic freedom, live more intuitively, creatively, joyfully, and enjoy deeper self-love and greater prosperity of all kinds. 

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Sage is a #1 international best-selling author, mystic poet, sacred songstress, and a dynamic speaker, passionate about personal and planetary transformation. She has served for 27 years as a shamanic hypnotherapist, Archangel Michael & Divine Mother Channel, Reiki and Money Reiki Master Teacher, honored to help thousands of people remember the Love they truly are.

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