Happy Halloween & Sacred Samhain, from Sage and The Sunday Witch!

[And now, here is the second installment in our seven-day magical journey with The Daily Witches. You can read the Blessage from The Saturday Witch here, and be sure to subscribe for more!]

The Sunday Witch

She’s outside, lying on the Earth amidst a grassy meadow, slightly damp (but she doesn’t mind), filled with daisies and lupine, calendula and poppies.

Her arms are outstretched, a sweet smile curving her sumptuous lips. I am watching her silently, intently, as she languidly stretches onto her side, a sprig of lavender tickling her nose. Eyes still closed, she rubs forefinger and thumb over the tiny petals, inhales the delicate essence and sighs in bliss… “Ahhhhh……..”

Another stretch and her eyes open. Bringing a hand to her eyes as a visor to shield them from the Sun, now well over the horizon, she sits up and announces: “Happy Sunday!” – not just to me, but to the world at large.

“Happy Sunday!” I reply. “What shall we do on this glorious new day?”

“Well. We’ve already taken care of two of my Sunday s’s: sleeping and stretching. And the Sun takes care of itself. So how about some supplies…?”

I am a bit puzzled about this but, willing to go along in the spirit of curiosity, I assent, “Sure. What can I help you gather, Sunday?”

She counts on her fingers: “Flowers. A vase with some water. A nice beverage. Journal. Pen. Oh, lots of pens, markers, lots of colors! If we want to get fancy.”

I hear a little chirp on my cell phone and pull it out to see who texted me.

“Oh, no, no, no, my dear! THAT does not come to our party.” She grabs my phone and tosses it onto the grass, where I hear it land with a thud.

“You HAVE to unplug to recharge yourself!”

I smile.

“Unplug to recharge. I like the sound of that.”

“Oh, you’ll like the FEEL of it even better.”

A table and two chairs are now set up in the dappled shadow of a huge oak tree.

A sunflower-patterned tablecloth along with five sunflowers in a vase grace our table.

Sunday sets out a tray of smoothies with fresh dates, nuts, halved avocadoes (at precisely the right ripeness, pure magic), strawberries and mangoes.

I’m carrying a basket filled with mandala and goddess coloring books, pens, colored pencils and markers, crystals, a deck of cards, a backgammon set, and two leather journals – a purple one embossed with a dragon, and a red one with a wolf.

Sunday gestures with her hand, from left to right, across all the beauty we have gathered.

I survey the array of delights. “Hmmm, what to savor first?” I collect some mango slices and slowly place them… one.. at… a… time… in my mouth. Thanking the Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water, the farmers, all the people who helped get this taste of heaven onto my tantalized tongue. Feeling tingly, I next sample the dates… pecans… almonds… some cashews then feeling oh-so-satisfied, I sit to color.

Silence. As golden as the Sun and our Sisterhood, as we quietly color, listen and blissen within, journal, draw, and just sit.

In the moment.

Fully present.

Fully alive.

Everything feels brighter. Fresher. The colors, the scents, the sounds, the tastes, of our art and Nature’s art all around us, the birds and breezes, the leaves and trees, wind whispering through my hair, Sun kissing my face and animalskin.

I’d been so focused on my own creations and elations, I hadn’t noticed that Sunday had moved from our table, following her own inner calling, and was now sitting on a tree branch, swinging her legs.

The best kind of companionship is when you can be fully alone, right near someone else, both of you totally comfortable, in an enhanced solitude.

Sleeping. Stretching. Sunshine. Supplies. Satiation. Silence. Solitude. Sisterhood.

What’s next?


Suddenly, three jugglers appear, gaily painted as jesters, each with a different color scheme: red, green, yellow – acrobatically soaring and flipping and climbing…

A belly dancer saunters up to us, seductively pulls my hand to dance with her, sexily swaying and undulating. We are sensual and sultry. I hear drummers. I feel primal.

There is nothing but this moment.

The jugglers disperse with bows. Drummers dissolve.

The dancer saucily blows us kisses as she soirees away… until next time…

Sun is setting.

I smile at Sunday.


YOUR HOMELOVE – MISSION – SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT is to ask within: How can I make MY Sundays this delightful? What does this awaken in me? Do I need to unplug to recharge? Gather supplies for creation and elation? Live more in this glorious moment? I’d love to hear your thoughts in a comment below. Feel free to SHARE this link to spread the good vibes.

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