“Do what you love and
Love what you do and
Joy and Abundance
Flow unto you!”

An elegantly beautiful woman, with dark flowing tresses, wearing a purple dress, sparkly stockings, cozy slipper boots and a glowing tiara (!) is sitting at an outside patio table, placing herbs into sachets as she recites the chant.

“Hello, Wednesday!” I greet her.

“Hello, beYOUtiful!” She blows me a kiss. “Want to help me make these prosperity sachets?”


“Take a sprinkle each of the rosemary, cinnamon, rose, one crystal of your choice, a few drops of any of the oils – just choose intuitively, you’ll know – and voila!”

I am appreciating her gorgeous array of essential oils. “May I…?”

“AbSOULutely, sniff to your heart’s content! The more, the magicker.” She ties off a sachet with a golden ribbon and placing it in a basket which is lined with a golden shimmery altar cloth that seems to catch the light and reflect every color of the rainbow.

Pine. Vetivert. Sage. Rose. Lemon. Sandalwood. Thyme. Eucalyptus. Clove.

Oh, the delights!

And… My nose likes it but I can’t quite place it… “What’s this one?”

“Ah, clary sage. It’s a bit more earthy than regular white sage. Great for clarity about purpose and clearing out the ‘stinkin’ thinkin’!”

“Aha, thank you. Good to know. So I am just wondering. What are Wednesdays supposed to be about, really? You have this bad rep and rap for being ‘Hump Day,’ like some sort of obstacle we have to get over to get to the good stuff, a.k.a. The Weekend. But I always felt that was unfair, and negative… So how can we learn to love you, Wednesday, and be loved BY you?”

“I’m so glad you asked!” She brushes her hands together to wipe off herb dust, gives a nice sniff to her hands, and adds. “Look at me. I am hard working. I am beautiful. And I have HEART. I’d love for everyone to think of me as The Heart of the Week.”

“Oh my gosh! I LOVE that! Wednesday is Heart Day!”

“Yes! So that’s why I was chanting about doing what you love because by doing so, you never ‘work’ a day in your life. Instead, you create. You play. You live love in action! EVERY day is a gift from our Creator. But you can ignore the gift, throw it out, or even project and see it as a curse instead of a blessing.

“Or you can wake up and ask yourself: ‘How can I be the best me I can be today? How can I shine and share and serve at my highest level? How can I be love in action?’ And let your day unfold with grace and gratitude from there.”

“Well. That is certainly a mindset shift. Thank you! I will look at Wednesdays as Heart Day from now on. But I must add, you have a lot of wisdom so I may think of ‘Wisdom Wednesday’ too, if that’s ok with you?”

“Of course! What has more wisdom than your heart? Would you like a hug, goddess?”

“Oh, yes, I love hugs.” We embrace. It’s one of those just-the-right-length and just-the-right-oomph hugs that feels like forever and yet fully satisfies.

“I love you, Wednesday!”

“I love you too, beautiful. Thank you for visiting me. And I can’t wait to see what wonders we create together. You have many more Wednesdays to come, you know!”

“That’s wonderful! Oooh. May I have a sachet?” I ask.

“Take as many as you would like or can share. Our Source is infinite. There is always more of all that you desire. Receive and enJOY.”

“So true. Thank you! See you next week!”

I blow her a kiss and sachet off, to the page, to you.

# # #
Copyright 2021 By Sage Taylor Kingsley

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How can you bring more of the wisdom of your Heart to your Wednesdays and every day?
Are you doing what you love and loving what you do?
If not, what do you need to shift in order to live love in action?

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