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Click Click Click. Her stilettos cross the office floor.

“How’s that project coming along?” she projects with authority, exuding confidence and charisma.

Her team member nods as she explains, “We’re making progress, but I did have some questions…”

Five minutes later, she thanks Thursday. “I really appreciate your following up. Those suggestions were EXACTLY what I needed to get past that bump and into the flow again.”

Thursday smiles. “That’s what I’m here for. We’re stronger together, right?”

“Right!” High fives.

Thursday sits at her desk and eagerly dives back into the world of ideas, imagination and inspiration represented inside her electronic metal box.

Her mentastic synaptic gymnastics are moving faster than her fingers can fly.

Some 92 minutes whiz by. Her tummy grumbles and she comes back to her body, feeling satisfied at being able to check seven items off her to-do list.

“To do… Ta da!” she exclaims triumphantly, to no one in particular and to the world at large.

She finally notices me again, quietly observing her tenacity and vivacity.

“Thursdays are all about Detail. Diligence. Determination. Destination. Is it done? Great! Check! Do I need to delegate it? Do that. Does it need further defining or refining? Tweak! Do we need to focus it in more or expand outward? Defer? Line it up! Or do we need to make an intentional decision that, hey, this doesn’t actually need to be done at all. Things change. We need to change too.”

“Constantly reassessing and finessing. I see you are very good at those!” I recognize her.

“Yes. Thank you! Years of practice. (she smiles) Everyone thinks Mondays are the only day for list making and goal setting but Thursday is a great day to re-evaluate: What can I really get done between now and the end of my work week? What is most important? I am here to help you be a hawk or eagle, seeing the Big Picture while simultaneously paying attention to the tiny mouse-tail-twitch detail so you can swoop in and get the prize.”

I feel my to-do / ta-da list calling me. My Eagle eyes guide my hands and heart.

Thanking Thursday.

Copyright 2021 – Present. By Taylor Kingsley. All rights reserved.

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