Dear Mother Earth… My Love Letter to Gaia

Earth Day 2017 and it is even more important than ever that we love and take care of our beautiful Mother Earth. Please enjoy this (rather sexy!) Love Letter to Gaia and share a comment. Happy Earth Day! Much love, Sage

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DEAR MOTHER EARTH…. My Love Letter to Gaia

Author’s Note: I wrote this love letter several years ago but was guided to share it more publicly today on Earth Day 2016.
Let’s all take some time, not only today but every day, because EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY, to honor our Mother Earth.

Please enjoy and share this love letter.

Write your own. Hug a tree. Massage the Earth with your bare toes.
Clean up some litter. Plant a tree or a flower or a garden. Donate to an environmental cause.
Make a pledge to the Earth. Connect with other Earth healers and peace warriors and love love love our home.
Love yourself as a living moving breathing Earthlet.

Real-Eyes that gravity is Mother Earth giving us all a great big HUG!

Enjoy this love letter from my heart to the Earth’s and back to yours.
Your comments are warmly…

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I'm just about to unplug for our holiday celebrations but got the Divine Nudge to share with you some of my latest posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.... Good news too - This blog will be getting a beautiful makeover very soon! Many of you write to thank me for the inspiring words of Love & … Continue reading BLESSINGS & A SPECIAL PRAYER FOR YOU, YOUR LOVED ONES & THE WORLD, AT CHRISTMAS, HANUKKAH AND ALWAYS


Archangel Michael’s message of Love and Joy is just as relevant today as a year ago when I first channeled this wisdom from him. Please read, comment, enjoy and share! Happy holidays and much love, Sage

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 Archangel Michael Sage Prosperous Goddess banner
Archangel Michael’s Holiday Blessing to the World

December 2014
Channeled Teleattunement with Sage
Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, Archangel Michael Emissary

Hello, everyone!
This is Archangel Michael!
(Yes, Mike at the Mike),
and I am here to wish you,
and to will with you,
a wonderful and wonder-filled season!

Those of you who are hearing this live in December,
you are coming into the holiday season,
and my wish for you and my knowingness for you and my activation for you
is that this is the BEST holiday season that you have EVER had thus far!
And, it just keeps getting better! Why?

Not so much only because of the things you do,
and the things you get and,
to another degree,
about the people that you love and that you spend time with and that you connect with,
including those on the other side;
but EVEN more,

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