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A Simple Haiku to Welcome Fall – By Sage

HAPPY EQUINOX!As you may know by now if you've been following me:a) I am a huge nature lover. b) I recently moved to a lovely new home (her name is "Haven,") and I adore my backyard garden.c) I've been spending a lot of time writing poetry lately because on Spring Equinox - exactly half a … Continue reading A Simple Haiku to Welcome Fall – By Sage

TRANSMUTING 9-11: A poem of healing

By Sage Taylor Kingsley - Copyright 2021 A time to rememberA time for release.A time of great healingNow it's time for great peace.We honor the fallenAnd those who survivedLet's answer The Calling:Keep planet alive.'Twas a day full of infamy.Now we step into synchrony.Let's turn that disasterTo compassion, hereafter.A poem of healing... and rememberingBy Sage Taylor … Continue reading TRANSMUTING 9-11: A poem of healing