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Friday smiles as she completes her last spiral round up the mountain terrain. She’s been hiking for a couple of hours and has been thoroughly enjoying the greenery and scenery. She’s in khaki pants, brown high-top hiking boots with orange laces, a tan safari vest over a burgundy shirt, and a hat.

I’m huffing and puffing to keep up with her and join her at the summit.

She’s surveying the land below and sky above.


Suddenly, she tosses her hat in the air, then catches it, breathless. I laugh.

“How do you feel right now?” she inquires gently, not taking her eyes off the view.


“Yes. Amazing, isn’t it?”

I notice sparkly lettering on her hat reads: “Thank God! I’m Free!”

The scene shimmers and glimmers and now I see her dancing in the living room.

She’s got “Freedom! ‘90” by George Michael playing. Then “Freedom” by Pharrell Williams.

Followed by “Free Woman” by Lady Gaga. On repeat.

We are shaking our tail feathers, arms waving, legs kicking, spinning and boogying like crazy, bumping our booties together, giggling, sweating, grooving and feeling… there it is again: FREE.

Another shimmer. Now I see her sitting under an oak tree, at a picnic table, quietly journaling, with two girlfriends nearby, one at the base of the tree, the other lying on the grass on her stomach. All writing. All content.

An unspoken sisterhood vibrates through the earthy air.

“Ah, so sometimes you can have freedom with others, sometimes with yourself. You can be still or move. Indoors or out. Playing or even working.

“There are so many forms your freedom can take.”

“Exactly! It’s ALL about doing what makes you feel free in the moment,” she explains while she’s driving a very fast car.

Very fast.

I’m in the passenger seat, feeling exhilarated as we hug the curves. Dancing with the road.

Wind blows through my hair.

I channel my inner Wolf and howl out the window: “Awooooooo!!!!”

Now I’m the driver.

And now you are.

Welcome to Freedom Friday!


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Copyright 2021 – Present. By Taylor Kingsley. All rights reserved.

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